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Hi! Thanks for reading my website! My name is Ricardo Domínguez: I’m an official tour guide in Madrid and a local journalist. I tell you this at first because I think they are three important details about me. Being from Madrid helps me to know this city internally. In fact, I’ll be glad to tell you everything about daily life here and in the surroundings: how we live our festivities and traditions, what problems concern us, how expensive life is here… 

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On the other hand, being an official tour guide in Madrid (Expert in Comunidad de Madrid with acreditation n. ZZIda352kh and Andalusian license n. 3052) is a dream. I love my city, with its strengths and weaknesses. And my goal is making visitors feel the same.

Have a look in my website and I’ll show you my services in this city, which in my opinion is one of the most exciting in Europe. Here you’ll discover, for instance, about my walking tours in Madrid. You’ll also have a quick approach with this destination through my videos on YouTube. Or, why not, you can also read some of my blog posts about Madrid and its surroundings. And if you need it, you can also check +Info section, where I’ll explain you how I can help you if you are organizing your trip to Madrid.

Official tour guide in Madrid + local journalist

Being a local journalist, instead, helps me to set my visits up too. In fact, I like to lean my explanations on figures and news about Madrid. I feel very lucky due to my collaborations with media like or Madrid Histórico. That makes me discover this city from other points of view, in order to show the most objective and honest version of its past, present and future.

Therefore, during our visit I’ll talk about some interesting figures about Madrid: how much a square meter costs in Plaza Mayor or which the pros and cons are in current urban projects. And if you travel with kids, I’ll adapt to your needs and I’ll insert anecdotes for all kind of publics, including children.

My wish is to make you enjoy the city having a walk through the most interesting corners, like Habsburg Madrid, Buen Retiro Park or Puerta del Sol. But I also want you to understand why Madrid is like this. I’ll try to blend these three profiles (madrileño citizen, a local journalist and an official tour guide in Madrid) to offer a rich and a nice tour. 

In other words, I’ll try to be a tripmate who will make your walk nicer.


You make my job more special